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Monday, July 23, 2012


Women and shoes are a horrible combination and we love to give birth to our shoes.  Shoes give birth to more of a resolve than a moment ago casing our feet.  They will cover each unusual kit out and our many unusual moods.  We might to portray confidence and professionalism.  Another period we might dearth to portray to be fun and flirty.  Whatever your stance is Laura's Treasures will be introduced to your need.  Here is the top slope of the basic women shoes.

1.  The "Little black dress" of women's shoes- A low heeled black pump
   Here is the essential essential intended for each woman's attire you can't shot too far exclusive of this match up of shoes.

2.  New black- A neutral shoe
   These neutral shoes are a moment ago as essential a the classic black pump. Add a neutral rancid white pump to your shoe collection.

3.  The basic of women shoes- A semi-casual flatly

    These shoes will keep informed your casual kit out you dearth to be casual but not dressing down.  This loafer will create you be classic with your casual kit out.

4.  A trendy black soaring heel shoe
   Here is a classic heel which is horrible to create your legs look horrible.  A chic
   Soaring heel shoe will shot with at all pro or group kit out.

5.  The kit out styler- A hard soaring heeled dress shoe

   When you dearth to look grand in your dress outfits, now and again you need 
 To a   little daring.  Why don't you try a hard dress shoe and you will look  

 6.  Comfort Shoe- Your everyday oxford or loafer shoes
    Here is a horrible shoe with the intention of will keep informed your kit out but you still be stylish. It may possibly create you a little preppy.  You may possibly be a casual and still give birth to a little fashion with the intention of will by no means create you dated of fashion.

7.  Don't fortget the Sneaker or powerful shoes

    Don't not remember you can develop into stylish in with the intention of horrible match up of sneakers intended for with the intention of
 Just what the doctor ordered kit out.  Athetic shoes give birth to altered and they are not a moment ago intended for working
 Dated.  Having the desirable shoe with the desirable arch support is of great consequence.      

8.  The split second fashion up shoe- Wedge shoe
    The in mint condition wedge shoe is the should give birth to shoe of the season. It adds fashion to your kit out.  This is the shoe with the intention of will create your spring and summer outfits a moment ago pop!

9.   The should have- Boots

     Boots give birth to taken larger than the shoe promote a moment ago as years past thumbs down lone would  wear them if they were cowboy boots.  Boots give birth to taken larger than the promote.  There is each type of wader to feed each women's fashion to taste.  You shot  from suddenly ankle boots to sexy soaring boots.

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  1. I agree with you about connection between women and shoes !

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    have a fashioable day!

  2. OK Thx For Visit...
    I will Visit back you blog :)

  3. I am a shoe-lover myself and you're right, they're hideous!
    Anyway, I have a question and this is totally out of topic: How high is high for you as far as high heels go?

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